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Get access to large amounts of fare data in an easy to understand format. Provide customers with a quick look at fare options, easily show comparisons between fares at competing airports, provide reports for management or ownership, and track trends with carrier prices and multiple airports.With our four specialty tools in Airfare Analyzer. The Lowfare Grid, Trend Reporting, Airport Reporting Suite, and Comparison tools allow unparalleled ease and configuration options for your needs. The Lowfare Grid can be used to display a customizable table of fare information directly on your website, allowing users to automatically start booking flights with a single click. Coupled with the Comparison tool, visitors to your website will have large amounts of data available to them on the best options and prices for their travel plans. All of this data is saved automatically by the Trend and Airport Reporting Suites, generating detailed reports on whatever search information and website user statistics you may desire. These tools are easily styled to match your site's layout, and help ensure a better travel planning experience for everyone.


Our Airfare Analysis tool uses scheduled live availability searches in the GDS to pull fares for pre-defined city-pairs. Fares are stored in databases and then used by our data mining engines to produce consumer fare grids and unique market and trend analysis. You define the frequency of the searches as well as city pairs, carriers, and class of service searched, and our systems do all of the work without any user interaction.

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Consumer Fare Grids

Consumer Fare Grids have become a valuable portion of many websites. Used on numerous sites including airport websites, corporate travel planner desktops, company intranets, and agency websites they provide a quick look into fares available without end users having to spend their valuable time shopping. Customers enjoy the ease of use, as well as the ability to click through a fair straight to booking engine results, without the hassle of re-entering data. Extremely customizable, fare grids can be setup in many scenarios including:

  • Single City to Multiple Destination
  • Multiple Destination to Multiple Destination
  • Origin Comparison (Displays a Price Differential)
  • Top Corporate Travel Destinations
  • ... and other Custom Configurations

Market Trend Analysis

Over time, scheduled fare searches produce chartable data that can display market trend information. See which carriers are growing which markets, or those that are adjusting fares versus their competitors, to just name a few. Airfare Analysis customers have used this trending analysis to influence plane size in markets, influence more competitive rates, and even add new routes!

Reporting Suites

Special Reporting Suites may be setup within the Airfare Analysis tools. Boards of Directors, Councils and even event planners often times spend countless hours comparing two or three airports over periods to determine optimal city pairs. Using our unique data mining abilities on the fare information, we build custom reports that can be shown via our secure online portal, or emailed via PDF or spreadsheet on your schedule.